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How to See Deleted Posts on Reddit? 3 Workable Methods Shared!

Reddit, the front page of the internet, is a vast and dynamic platform where discussions unfold, ideas are shared, and content thrives. However, one common frustration for users is encountering deleted posts that vanish from view, leaving curiosity unsatisfied. In this article, we will explore three workable methods that might just help you uncover deleted posts on Reddit, allowing you to glimpse into the discussions that were once hidden.

 Utilizing Cached Versions

1. Utilizing Cached Versions

One of the simplest methods to view deleted posts on Reddit is by tapping into cached versions stored by search engines. Search engines like Google often index Reddit pages and retain snapshots of the content, even if it has been deleted on the platform.

   – Steps:

     1. Enter relevant keywords or the URL of the deleted Reddit post in the search bar of your preferred search engine.

     2. Look for the “Cached” option in the search results. This option typically appears as a small down arrow next to the URL.

     3. Click on the “Cached” link to access a snapshot of the page as it existed when the search engine indexed it.

Keep in mind that this method may not always be foolproof, as search engine caches are not updated in real-time. However, for posts that were deleted recently, it can be a valuable way to retrieve information.

2. Using Ceddit or Removeddit

Ceddit and Removeddit are third-party websites specifically designed to uncover deleted content on Reddit. These platforms archive Reddit pages, capturing the content before it gets removed, providing users with a way to view deleted posts and comments.

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   – Steps:

     1. Visit either Ceddit ( or Removeddit (

     2. Copy and paste the URL of the deleted Reddit post into the search bar on the respective website.

     3. The site will generate an archived version of the Reddit page, displaying deleted content with a strike-through format.

It’s important to note that while Ceddit and Removeddit are popular tools, they might not capture every deleted post, especially if the deletion occurred before the page was archived. Additionally, some subreddits may restrict or discourage the use of these tools.

3. Engaging with Uneddit

Uneddit is a browser extension that works with major browsers like Chrome and Firefox, aiming to unveil deleted content on various websites, including Reddit.

   – Steps:

     1. Install the Uneddit browser extension from the respective browser’s extension store.

     2. Once installed, the extension should work automatically, revealing deleted posts and comments when you visit the Reddit page.

While Uneddit can be effective, keep in mind that browser extensions may have limitations and might not work consistently across all Reddit posts. Additionally, be cautious when using browser extensions and ensure they come from reputable sources to avoid potential security risks.

The quest to see deleted posts on Reddit may seem like a cat-and-mouse game, but with the methods outlined above, you can increase your chances of uncovering hidden content. Whether it’s through cached versions, third-party archiving platforms like Ceddit and Removeddit, or browser extensions like Uneddit, each method offers a glimpse into the discussions that Reddit’s deletion feature tries to conceal. Remember to respect Reddit’s guidelines and community rules while exploring deleted content, and consider the context surrounding the removal of posts for a more nuanced understanding of the platform’s dynamic discussions.

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