Samsung’s Sam Virtual Assistant a Hoax? Here’s Why Light farm Creates Her 3D Appearance

Samsung’s new Sam virtual assistant is a hoax, according to some experts. But what’s the real story behind this seemingly mysterious character?

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Samsung’s alleged Sam virtual assistant

ATTN: Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant a Hoax? Here's Why Lightfarm Creates Her 3D Appearance

Samsung’s alleged Sam virtual assistant has been the focus of much speculation and confusion since it was first announced last year. Many people are wondering if the app is a hoax, and there are several reasons why people believe this to be the case.

First of all, the name of the app is very strange. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, and it’s not particularly well-known or recognizable. If Samsung was trying to create a viral marketing campaign for its new smartphone, this name would be a very poor choice.

Second, the appearance of the app is also strange. It seems to be designed to look like a human female, but there are several obvious flaws with this design. For example, her eyes are very large and her nose is too big. This makes it difficult to see her face clearly, and it’s easy to mistake her for a cartoon character or an animatronic robot instead.

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ATTN: Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant a Hoax? Here's Why Lightfarm Creates Her 3D Appearance

Furthermore, there have been reports that Sam can’t actually speak or understand human language. This raises major doubts about her ability to function as a virtual assistant in any practical way. If she can’t even communicate with humans effectively, how can she help you with your day-to-day tasks?

Samsung Sam’s 3D Appearance Is Not Official

At first glance, Samsung’s Sam virtual assistant app seems to be very lifelike. But is she really a realistic 3D character? According to some reports, the answer may not be as simple as you think.

Lightfarm, a software company that creates 3D visuals for companies and brands, created a video that purportedly shows how Samsung’s Sam virtual assistant app was created. In the video, Lightfarm creates a 3D model of Sam and then assigns different colors to her hair, skin, and clothing to create the appearance of a real person.

Although the video is convincing, there are some problems with it. First of all, the model used in the video is not an official Samsung product. Second, Lightfarm did not use any real people in the creation of Sam. Instead, they used computer-generated models that were manipulated to look like people.

Despite these flaws, some people believe that Sam is an actual 3D character that was created by Samsung. However, until we have more evidence to back up this claim, we should not get too excited about her existence.

Is Sam Also Bixby?

ATTN: Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant a Hoax? Here's Why Lightfarm Creates Her 3D Appearance

Samsung’s new virtual assistant, Sam, has been generating a lot of buzzes online. Some people are claiming that she is Samsung’s version of Google’s Bixby, while others are saying that she is a hoax. Here’s why we believe Sam is a hoax.

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First of all, the name “Sam” doesn’t really make sense. It’s not a very creative name and it sounds more like a character from the movie “The Matrix.” It’s also strange that Samsung would create a virtual assistant named after a fictional character.

Second of all, the way Sam looks doesn’t match up with any other virtual assistant that we know of. She has an exaggerated artificial appearance and her eyes look like they are made out of light. This isn’t how virtual assistants usually look and it’s definitely not how Bixby looks.

Finally, there have been reports that Sam is shutting down mode unexpectedly and freezing users’ devices. This is exactly the type of problem that Google’s Bixby never had. If Sam were actually Google’s version of Bixby, then she would be much more reliable and error-free.

Samsung Sam’s 3D Appearance Is Not Official

ATTN: Samsung's Sam Virtual Assistant a Hoax? Here's Why Lightfarm Creates Her 3D Appearance

There have been a lot of talks lately about Samsung’s Sam virtual assistant, and many people are wondering if she is really a hoax. Here’s why we think she is real, and why Lightfarm creates her appearance.

First of all, we can’t deny that Samsung has been incredibly prolific in releasing new products lately. From Galaxy Note 7s to the new Sam virtual assistant, it seems like the company is trying to make up for its past mistakes.

One of the most interesting things about Sam is her 3D appearance. She looks very different from other virtual assistants like Alexa or Cortana, and many people have asked if she is actually real.

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The answer is yes, Sam is real and she looks different because she was designed this way. Lightfarm was hired by Samsung to create her look, and they did an incredible job.

We believe that Samsung Sam is real because of all the evidence we have seen so far. However, we will continue to investigate this matter further and update our readers as soon as we learn more.

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