Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked


It looks like the Twitch earnings leaderboard has been leaked, and it’s no surprise that Ninja is at the top! This list provides a look at who is making the most money from their Twitch streams, and it’s clear that Ninja is in a league of his own.

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform that was launched in 2011. It is now the leading live streaming platform for gamers with over 15 million daily active users.

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked

The streaming website is widely popular, with a massive list of over 11 million followers all around the globe. Twitch website is considered among the world’s leading streaming platforms developed by Emmett Shear. The streaming platform generates a global revenue of 65.13 million USD from in-app purchases. The app is joined by many famous companies, influencers, and gamers, making it the biggest and most potent online community.

How to download Twitch?

If you’re interested in finding out who the top earners are on Twitch, there’s now a leaderboard that’s been leaked online. This is likely to be of interest to a lot of people, especially those who are looking to make a living from their streaming activities.

The leaderboard was reportedly leaked by a third-party site that had access to Twitch’s internal data. It’s not clear how accurate the data is, but it does give us a good idea of who the top earners on the platform are.

Interestingly, the top 10 earners on Twitch are all men. This is likely because the majority of Twitch users are men, and also because men tend to spend more time watching streams than women.

The top earner on Twitch is reported ‘ summit1g ‘, who earned an impressive $3.5 million in 2018. This is followed by ‘ Ninjas ‘, who earned $2.5 million, and ‘ Tfue ‘, who earned $2 million.

If you want to download the leaderboard for yourself, you can find it here.

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked

Popular Twitch Streamers:

According to a recent report, the top 10 Twitch streamers earned a combined total of over $20 million in 2019. This is a massive increase from the $12 million earned by the top 10 streamers in 2018. The report also revealed that the top streamer, Ninja, earned an astonishing $5 million last year.

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This just goes to show how popular Twitch streaming has become and how much money can be made from it. If you’re thinking about becoming a Twitch streamer, then you could potentially earn a very good living from it. However, it’s important to remember that only a small number of people make it to the very top. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve overnight success. Just keep grinding away and you could one day find yourself among the elite earners on the Twitch earnings leaderboard.

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked:

The top streams on Twitch are raking in the big bucks, according to a leaked earnings leaderboard.

The list, which was obtained by eSports Observer, shows the top 10 earners on Twitch in the month of February. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them are professional gamers or personalities associated with the gaming industry.

The top earner was Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who brought in an estimated $200,000 from Twitch subscriptions and donations alone. Ninja is a former professional Halo player who now mainly streams Fortnite. He’s also one of the most popular personalities on Twitch, with over 14 million followers.

Other notable names on the list include Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, and Ben “DrLupo” Lupo. These three streamers are all professional gamers who play a variety of games on their channels.

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked

List of Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked:


According to a recent leak, the top 10 streamers on Twitch earned a combined total of over $20 million in 2019. This is an incredible amount of money, and it just goes to show how popular and lucrative streaming has become.

The list includes some of the biggest names in the business, such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, and Imane “Pokimane” Any. These streamers have built up huge followings thanks to their entertaining content and engaging personalities.

While it’s no surprise that the top earners on Twitch are making a lot of money, the sheer size of their earnings is still staggering. For example, Ninja made over $5 million in 2019 from Twitch donations alone. This just goes to show how much potential there is for people who are willing to put in the hard work to build up a following.

If you’re looking to get into streaming or are just curious about how much money the top earners make, then be sure to check out the full list below. You might be surprised at just how much some people are making!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the Twitch earnings leaderboard?

The Twitch earnings leaderboard is a list of the top earning streamers on the Twitch platform. The list is compiled by Streamlabs and includes both partnered and affiliate streamers.

2. How do I get on the Twitch earnings leaderboard?

To be eligible for the Twitch earnings leaderboard, you must be a partnered or affiliate streamer on Twitch. You can then sign up for Streamlabs to start tracking your earnings.

Q1: What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform that was launched in 2011. It is owned by Amazon. Twitch allows people to stream their gameplay, or watch others stream their gameplay. Twitch also has a chat feature, which allows viewers to chat with the streamer or with other viewers.

Twitch has become very popular in recent years. In 2018, it had an average of 15 million daily active users. Twitch is most popular with people aged 18-34.

One of the reasons why Twitch has become so popular is because it offers a way for people to make money. Streamers can make money through donations, subscriptions, and advertisements. Twitch also has a partner program, which allows streamers to make money from their channel.

The leaked document shows the top 10 earners on Twitch for the first quarter of 2020. The list is topped by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who made $5 million in the first quarter of 2020. This is more than double what he made in the same period last year.

The rest of the top 10 earners on Twitch are:

2. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek – $3 million

3. Juju Smith

Q2: How many followers do the Twitch website has?

The top 10 earners on Twitch have been revealed, and the website has a lot of followers. The list was leaked by a data analyst, and it shows that the website has over 15 million followers.

This is a huge number, and it just goes to show how popular the website is. Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows people to watch others play video games. It is incredibly popular, and it is clear that people are willing to pay to watch their favorite streamers.

The top 10 earners on Twitch made a combined total of $8 million in the second quarter of 2020. This is an impressive amount of money, and it just goes to show how much people are willing to pay to watch their favorite streamers.

1. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins – $1.5 million
2. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek – $1 million
3. Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar – $850,000
4. Ben “DrLupo” Lupo – $700,000
5. Turner “Tfue” Tenney – $600,000
6. Jeremy

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Q3: Who is the developer of Twitch?

According to a recent leak, the top 10 earners on Twitch in the third quarter of 2020 were:

1. xQc – $1,265,856
2. Myth – $1,067,285
3. Pokimane – $964,026
4. Ninja – $916,442
5. summit1g – $661,111
6. Tfue – $627,546
7. Lirik – $606,098
8. DrLupo – $583,676
9. shroud – $562,378
10. TimTheTatman – $541,881

Q4: When was the Twitch Earnings Leaderboard Leaked?

The Twitch Earnings Leaderboard was leaked on December 4th, 2020. This is a list of the top 100 streamers on Twitch by earnings. The list includes both partnered and affiliate streamers.

The top 10 streamers on the list are:

1. xQcOW – $4.3 million
2. summit1g – $3.5 million
3. Tfue – $2.7 million
4. Pokimane – $2.5 million
5. Myth – $2.4 million
6. Shroud – $2.0 million
7. DrDisRespectLIVE – $1.8 million
8. TimTheTatman – $1.6 million
9. LIRIK – $1.5 million
10. Ninja – $1..3 million

This list was leaked by a person who goes by the name of “Pine” on Twitter. Pine is known for leaking information about Twitch streamers and has leaked information in the past that has turned out to be accurate.

Q5: Who has the most earnings on Twitch?

The top 5 earners on Twitch in the past 30 days are:
1. xQc – $150,000
2. Myth – $120,000
3. Pokimane – $100,000
4. Tfue – $80,000
5. summit1g – $50,000

These numbers come from a leaked document that was recently circulated online. The document is believed to be accurate, as it contains detailed information about each streamer’s earnings. It’s no surprise that xQc is at the top of the list, as he is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. His popularity has helped him to rake in a large amount of income from donations and sponsorships.


The top earners on Twitch are no surprise. However, it is interesting to see just how much they make. The average Twitch user does not make nearly as much as the top earners. This is likely due to the fact that the top earners are either partnered with Twitch or have a large following.

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