Nware 17in laptop: A Helpful Device For Students

Are you a student looking for a new laptop that would perfectly suit your needs and keep you on a budget? If the answer is affirmative, this is the exact article you need to read. Among numerous laptop brands, Nware is probably the most recent one that gained popularity at a breakneck pace and represented one of the best solutions in the gaming industry. As it might speak for itself, if the laptop is good enough for gamers or IT experts, you know that it will certainly fulfill all your needs as a student.

Throughout this article, we will give you a comprehensive overview of the newest Nware 17in laptop, show you all its amazing features and explain its benefits in a few bullet points. In other words, we’ll prove to you that this laptop is a must-have.

Features of Nware 17in laptop

  • Design and Display

Design and display are some of the basic features that are usually taken into consideration when buying a new laptop. Nware 17in laptop offers an extremely sophisticated appearance with its slim design and a 15.6-inch screen. When talking about pixel resolution, Nware has got it right by featuring a 1920 x 1080 screen. Therefore, one can enjoy watching movies, playing games and so much more in Full HD. This laptop also includes an extremely advanced graphics processor, GeForce GTZ 970M, which significantly improves the quality of the picture and gives you astonishing performance.

  • Battery

Battery, being also one of the crucial components of every device, represents one of the main benefits of the Nware 17in laptop. Its battery has an amazing lifespan, so you won’t have to worry if your laptop battery will go empty during travel. It is very reliable due to its size, which is quite larger than the usual batteries. Every student will be satisfied with it because it will certainly last a whole day of lectures.

  • Processor
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Nware 17in laptop has a powerful processor Intel Core i7 CPU with built-in Turbo Boost technology, which can operate at remarkable speeds of up to 3,5 GHz. The such processor will allow you to multitask and have several opened programs and windows which will function simultaneously just fine. In addition to that, it has 16 GB of DDR3L SDRAM and 6 MB of cache memory, so it will work as smoothly as possible.

  • RAM

Nware 17in laptop comes equipped with 8 GB of RAM. It is an excellent upgrade that will let you do whatever you like on our laptop without a slowdown. You will be able to run several different apps and programs freely.

  • Hard Drive

If you need a laptop with a lot of storage for your files, apps, and similar, the Nware 17in laptop will be the perfect choice for you. It comes with 1000 GB of storage, or, in other words, with 1 TB. You will be able to save all your pictures, music, documents, and videos without thinking if there is enough space on your laptop.

Why Should You Get a Nware 17in Laptop?

As you might have noticed, the Nware 17in laptop brings out all the greatest features, from amazing battery life and perfect and compact design to an astonishing and super-fast processor and lots of space for your files.

Whether you are a gamer, any other type of professional, or a student that needs a laptop on a daily basis, you will not go wrong with Nware 17in laptop. The best thing is that it is quite affordable for all the great features you get, so you won’t have to waste a lot of money on a new device.

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This laptop will satisfy even the most complicated users because it offers outstanding specifications, such as 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB of hard drive, and a strong Intel Core i7 CPU processor. Also, it is surprisingly light, so you will be able to carry it around as much as you need.


Nware 17in laptop represents the latest solution for every student out there who travels a lot and uses a laptop almost every day. Nware 17in will not disappoint you in any single aspect, since it was made to provide you with the best user experience and make work and studying fun and simple.

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