Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough & Guide + Crafting Recipes

Navigation through the game:

  • Left mouse button – Action/Movement
  • Right mouse button – Open inventory
  • F2 – Show FPS/MS
  • F3 – Zoom In/Out
  • F4 – Full screen/Windowed mode
  • F5 – Exit to title screen (Without saving)
  • Z – Action
  • X – Open inventory
  • Arrows, NumPad – Movement


  • Library (Diana)
  • Janet’s Home (Janet, Kaley)
  • Home
  • Estero Park
  • Estero Key (Alia, Naomi)
  • Cemetery
  • Doctor’s Office (Jessica)
  • Full Mast Bar (Tasha)
  • Beach (Valerie)
  • Church (Madalyn)
  • Mansion (Sofia)
  • Parlor (Pricia)
  • Squallmart (Emily)
  • Lighthouse
  • Cave (Clare)

Crafting Recipes

Aloe Potion
Aloe Potion Crafting Recipe: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container

Ant Killer
Ant Killer Crafting Recipe: Fossilized Algae, Quartz, Alumina, and also Rusty Key

Blow Dart
Blow Dart Crafting Recipe: Dart, Scorpion Venom, Bamboo, and also Feather

Camera Repair
Camera Repair Crafting Recipe: Broken Camera, Camera Base, Small Screwdriver and also Loose Screws

Chest Key
Chest Key Crafting Recipe: Broken Key, Broken Key, Broken Key, and also Broken Key

Concrete Crafting Recipe: Stone talisman, Fly Ash, White Sand, and also Dolomite

Dehumidifier Crafting Recipe: Broken Dehumidifier, Small Screwdriver, Silver ore and also Gold Talisman

Gold Talisman
Gold Talisman Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, and also Gold Ore

Golden Teddie
Golden Teddie Crafting Recipe: Bumpy Candle, Gold Ore, Teddy Bear, and also White Sand

Grand Talisman
Grand Talisman Crafting Recipe: Gold Ore, Gold Ore, Gold Ore, and also False Talisman

Hacking Tool
Hacking Tool Crafting Recipe: Key card, ID Card Writer, System BIOS, Encryption scanner.

Jade Shovel
Jade Shovel Crafting Recipe: Shovel Head, Shovel shaft, Shovel Hadle and also Jade Talisman

Jasmine Massage Oil
Jasmine Massage Oil Crafting Recipe: Jasmine, Rosa Moss, Basic Container and also Love Potion

King Shovel
King’s Shovel: King’s Shovel Handle, King’s Shovel Shaft, King’s Shovel Head, Caulli’s Coin

Loaded Musket
Loaded Musket Crafting Recipe: Cleaning Oil, Old Bullet, Old Musket and also Silver Ore

Pickaxe Crafting Recipe: Wrench Grip, Gaffer Tape, Grappling Hook and also Pipe Wrench

Pirate Key
The Pirate Key Crafting Recipe: Pirate Medallion, Grand Talisman, Broken Key and also Broken Key

Pirate Shovel
Pirate Shovel Crafting Recipe: Cursed Shovel, Pirate Medallion, Jade Talisman and also Gold Talisman

Rat Trap
Rat Trap Crafting Recipe: Plastic Wrap, Gaffer Tape, Roach and also Basic Container

Rock Bomb
Rock Bomb Crafting Recipe: Nitroglycerin, Basic Container, Silver Talisman and also Jade Talisman

Silver Talisman
Silver Talisman Crafting Recipe: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, and also Silver Ore

Stompin’ Boots
Stompin’ Boots Crafting Recipe: Leather Gloves, Shoelaces, Damaged Boots and also Shoe Glue

Swift Shovel
Swift Shovel Crafting Recipe: Alloy Shovel Hand, Ultra Shovel Hand, Carbon Shovel Shaft and also Silver Talisman

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough & Guide

Full walkthrough & guide for Treasure of Nadia.

v03111 (1/2)

  • Beginning of game. After joining, Follow the prompts.
  • (You need to go to the Library and meet Diana. Then to Estero Key.)
  • Once you are at Home, go to Estero Park. Pick up the Stone Talisman, go to the Library,
    and give it to Diana.
  • From now you can collect talismans (park) to get some money
  • Go to the lighthouse and talk to Albert, then go to Full Mast Bar to get some Liquor (Dark Rum)
  • Bar: Pick up the key (left), take the ID in Janet’s Home, you will need the key (bar) to open the door on the 2nd floor, then find the key in the middle of the room. When you get the id, give it to Tasha (bar)
  • Give the Dark Rum to Albert (lighthouse) and get the binoculars in return
  • Use the binoculars in the beach, and use them again in Estero key to get 1 Naomi’s heart
  • Meet the girls in Cape Vedra, then go to Doctor’s office (talk to the administration), to the church and to the Squallmart
  • Sell the talismans to Diana, then go to the parlor and receive a massage ($30)
  • Go to the Estero Park and look for more talismans

v03111 (2/2)

  • Talk to Sophia (Mansion)
  • Ask Janet about Sophia (Janet’s house)
  • Go to Kaley’s room, interact with the window and use the binoculars, then take the empty bottle.
  • Talk to Alia (Estero Key) twice to receive the Unknown treasure
  • Show the Talisman to Diana, go back with Alia and receive 1 Alia’s Heart
  • To get the chest key: Estero Park > Left, there is also one page to collect
  • Talk to Ash (Squallmart)
  • Buy the basic walkway ($10), basic fence ($30) and garden flowers ($20), use them in your house, and call Alia
  • Buy a book ($60) in SquallMart and study
  • Find the Jade Talisman (Estero Park) and give it to Pricia (Parlor)
  • Buy an outfit for Alia (Store)


  • How deep in the park can you get? I sense some danger.
  • Go to the Estero Park. There you will see two guys. (If you haven’t played v03 before, but
    started v06 right away, then you might have seen them before.)
  • Follow them. (Go to the left.)
  • When they’re gone, go upstairs. Take the Chest key.
  • Find the Small Screwdriver at the east of the park, inside the cave
  • Buy the Health Insurance ($60 – SqualMart) and give it to the administrator (Doctor’s office)
  • Get out and talk to Ash
  • Go to Janet’s house, wait iuntil she leaves, get inside, climb the stairs, go to the bathroom and enjoy (+1 Kaley’s heart)
  • Open Janet’s bedroom door with the screwdriver and get the ero*tic book
  • Go to the library and ask Diana about the book
  • Take the book “A Sinful Affair”, talk to Naomi outside and give her the book
  • Buy the drink “S*ex on the beach” (Full Mast Bar), and give it to Naomi (+1 heart)
  • Go to the church, take the church key, open the chest, and take the page
  • Give the key to Ash and get the photo
  • Buy an outfit ($400) for Naomi
  • Also buy garden plants ($200)
  • Call Alia (requires 5%)


  • Alia is either at her home or in the park. Go find her.
  • Go to the Estero Park.
  • After the dialogue with Alia go to the location on the left, and take a Shovel Shaft.
  • Follow Clare into the cave and enjoy the scene
  • From now you can use the native shrine, offer items and try to receive better items in return
  • Talk to Emily (Squallmart) and also buy the Shiovel Head ($80)
  • Go to the Parlor > Backyard > take the money (guy) and also the shovel handle
  • Give the money to Emily (+1 heart)
  • Talk to Diana (library) and to Ash (requires $250 for 1 photo)
  • Sell the Stone Talisman to the girl on the beach, if you reject her offer = $900
  • Doctor’s office, Diana needs a high powered magnet
  • Click on the bird (parking), take the MRI Room Key (inside), take the chest key and also the high powered magnet (left room)
  • Give Diana the high powered magnet (+1 heart)
  • Open the chest in the cave
  • Native Shrine – use: Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head
  • and Shovel Handle, and receive: Jade Shovel
  • Show Pricia the silver talisman, if you don’t have it, get it from the Native Shrine – use: Silver Ore and 3 Stone Talisman, and receive: Silver Talisman
  • Buy an outfit ($400) for Emily, also buy the Discount Sofa ($1,000) and call her


  • Follow Alia (Estero Key)
  • Buy a lighter and also a Pipe Wrench ($80 both) in Squallmart
  • Use the lighter with Alia (Estero Key) enjoy the scene and pick up the talismans
  • Use the Pipe Wrench to break 3 vases (Library outside, Full Mast Bar outside and light house outside)
  • Go to Full Mast Bar, upstairs and fix the pipe with the pipe wrench and open the chest with the chest key (inside the vase of the Libary)
  • Go downstairs, enjoy the scene
  • Talk to the man outside the Library, then to Ash (Squallmart), go back to the library and talk to Ash again (Squallmart)
  • Follow Kaley (Janet’s home) and enjoy the scene
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  • Library: Get the Broken Camera, the Silver Talisman and also the Church Key
  • Church: Open the door (lower left corner) with the church key. Talk to Madalyn, Take the Chamber Key, and use it in the other room.
  • Estero Park: Go to the left, and to the left again, to find a Ginseng Plant, a crafting recipe, and also a circle
  • Circle & Fire: You have to activate 4 fires to activate the circle. There are 2 in the church (before the chamber’s door) and 2 in the Estero park (1 in the cave and the last one to the right from the circle). Light the 4 fires and come back to the circle to get 1 new Kam page.
  • Doctor’s office: Eat the ginseng plant and visit the doctor ($140), enjoy the scene and click on the closet (lower right corner). Then take the Camera base and the Loose screws from the left room
  • Tasha minigame: Wait until she doesn’t look at you and click on the second choice until you win and receive the reward
  • Cave – Native Shrine: Small screwdriver, Broken Camera, Camera base and also Loose Screws
  • Give the camera to Ash (Squallmart), and meet him again (Church)
  • Squallmart: Buy everything cheaper than $2,000, also the new outfit and the metal detector
  • Call Tasha and enjoy the new scene

v 16012

  • Church: Talk to Ash, then go to Squallmart
  • Estero Park: Go far left, follow Clare, then collect Philweed, collect Cockroaches and also the Ginseng Plant (Forget it if according to our walkthrough you already have it). Finally give Philweed & ginseng plant to Emily
  • Lighthouse: First talk to Diana (Library), then go to the Lighthouse, get the talisman (break the left vase) and interact with the chest and the hint of the basement. Find the key in the beach (lower left corner) and open the chest to get a new page.
  • Squallmart: Talk to Ash > go to the library and put the roaches in a box > buy the suncrean (squallmart) and talk to Diana (Beach) > Talk to Diana (Library), and finally go to the library, clim the stairs and buy the photo
  • (There is also an extra scene in Estero Key)


  • Squallmart: Talk to Pricia and Emily, then go to the parlor (backyard), plant a ginseng plant in Pricia’s garden (you can find ginseng in Estero Park), and go to the Parlor to talk with Pricia
  • Library: Take the ginseng plant (outside – lower left corner), you can sell it to Pricia ($250)
  • Janet’s home: backyard, then living room, talk to Janet and Naomi, go to the kitchen and get some iced tea (refrigerator). Go upstairs > Janet’s room and take alcohol (nightstand) and also Shoelaces (bathroom). Give the alcohol to Naomi and Janet, watch the scene and go to Kaley’s room.
  • Lighthouse: Get a photo in Squallmart, the go to the lighthouse > Basement, and talk to Albert twice: take the damaged boots, the crating page, and open the chest ( password 684)
  • Buy Shoe Glue in Squallmart, and find the crafting page in Full Mast Bar > Men’s room
  • Cave (crafting): The recipe for the Stompin Boots is: Leather Gloves + Damaged Boots + Shoelaces + Shoe Glue. With the Stompin Boots you can pass by poisonous insects
  • Full Mast Bar: Take the Carbon Shovel Shaft and also the Chest Key
  • Estero Park: Go where the scorpions were, and take the Ultra Shovel Handle, a crafting page and also the Golden Talisman. To open the chest you have to by Antacid Tablet (squallmart) and give it to the goose
  • To complete this update you need to talk to Diana (library), buy the outfit for Pricia (squallmart) and invite her (requires Curtains $2,500) and also Yard Trees $4,000)


  • Talk to Emily (Library) and take all the books, then give her Perenial’s of Cape Vedra
  • Go to Estero Park, then take the Heavy Cord (Doctor’s office)
  • Buy a metal hook (squallmart), then combine Heavy cord + Metal hook to get the Grappling hook, and use it to get red ginseng, then give the red ginseng to Emily
  • Take the Gaffer Tape (Estero Park – left side) with the grappling hook, then get the Wrench Grip (Cave – Estero Park – right side)
  • Craft a Pickaxe in the Native Shrine: Wrench Grip + Gaffer Tape + Grappling Hook + Pipe Wrench (the crafting page is no the left side of the park)
  • Go to Estero Key, watch the scene, then go deep into Estero Key and use the pickaxe on the rock to enter the cave. Light the bowl (left side) with the lighter, then take the torch (upper right)
  • Go to the church, take the chest key and meet Madalyn
  • Go to the church again, go through the left door, and break the column (right) with the pickaxe. then open the chest and break the vase to get the page and money
  • Meet Ash in the Parlor
  • Eat Red Ginseng, go to the Doctor and pay $140 (you can find the plant at Estero Park)


  • Cave > Follow Clare and solve the puzzle
  • Open the chest with the unknown treasure and show it to Diana (Library)
  • Talk to Tasha (Estero Park), then go to Janet’s bedroom
  • Meet Ash at Full Mast Bar, then talk to Tasha at the bar
  • Meet Diana (Library) and take the note from her desk, then light the light bulb on the right and leave it turned off on the left
  • Use the secret key on the box outside the library (upper right corner)
  • Go to your bedroom
  • Talk to Madalyn (her room – Church)
  • See a stone near a column?break the column with the pickaxe and place the stone on the hole (above), then take the chest key
  • Estero park > left – up – right – right > open the chest


  • Doctor’s office > Tomography room > take the basic container and the Nitroglycerin
  • Craft the Rock Bomb: Basic container + Nitroglycerin + Jade Talisman (Estero Park) + Silver Talisman (Estero Park)
  • Go to the west of the Cave and use the Rock bomb with the stone blocking the way
  • Light the bowl on the left (lighter), collect the coins and break the vase near the exit with the pickaxe to get another basic container (remember where is the chest)
  • Craft another bomb and use it in front of the previous one
  • Snake’s puzzle: remove the stone from the passage and close the exit
  • Take the barrel  and place the stone you placed to close the exit in the upper left corner of the screen. Take the chest key and open the last chest (near the coins)
  • Give the snake to Jessica (Doctor)
  • Talk to Janet (her house)
  • Go to Estero Key and talk with them. You need to craft and use another Rock bomb there
  • Talk to Kaley (Doctor’s office & in the cave of estero park)
  • Go where you collected the coins and take the Pirate Diary
  • Show Diana the locket (library), and show Madalyn (church) the pirate diary
  • Buy: Outfit for Kaley, a Roofing Job, Recliner and also the End Table
  • Invite Kaley home


  • Talk to Pricia (Library) > Go to Estero Key > Buy the Kayak License Exam (Squallmart $250)
  • Kayak License Exam (inventory) Answer: Sunscreen, West at 15+ knots, Beer and South > give the exam to the ranger
  • Follow the Ranger (Estero Park) > Talk to Diana (west > up to the river), then place the stone on the plate to open the passage
  • Pick up the items in the new location and go back with Diana
  • Return to the island and break the rock (rigth side) with the pickaxe to get some quartz
  • Go to the northwest side of the park and break another rock to get some Fossilized
  • Talk to Emily (Squallmart), and buy Alumina
  • Talk to Ash (Parking Lot) to get a Photo
  • Craft the Ant Killer (Cave)
  • Go to your inventory, open the Old map and get the Chest Key (under the tree)
  • Go to the Island, kill the bugs with the Ant Killer and take the Maca Plant. On the east side of the island there is a chest, open it to get a page
  • Give the plant to Pricia (Parlor) > Go to Sofia’s Mansion > Talk to Diana (Library)
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  • Go to the Full Mast Bar > talk to Albert (backyard) > get the drinks (next to Tasha) and give:
    • Rum: to Albert
    • Whiskey: to the left guy
    • Beer: to the right guy
    • Margarita: to the middle guy
    • Mojito: to the guy in the upper left corner
  • Buy Peanuts (Squallmart) and go back to the bar to get a Tasha heart > talk to Albert & Ash (parking lot) to get a photo)
  • Talk to Diana (Cave) > go to Janet’s home
  • Rat Trap Recipe ingredients: Plastic Wrap + Roach + Gaffer Tape + Basic Container
    • Plastic Wrap: Buy it at Squallmart
    • Cockroach: Catch it (Full Mast Bar > Toilet)
    • Basic Container: Break the vase you will find at the lower left corner of the backyard
  • Talk to Janet > enter the house and talk with her again > check the rat trap
  • Now you need to craft a bomb to blow up the wall in the Lighthouse
  • Rock Bomb ingredients: Nitroglycerin + Basic container (find it in the Lighthouse) + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Use the rock bomb on the basement of the Lighthouse (blow up the wall)
  • You can break the floor In front of the stairs, do it to get the chest key
  • Go to the Full Mast Bar > Backyard > Open the chest to get a page
  • Buy an outfit for Jessica, check the last page you have found, and invite Jessica home


  • Go to Squallmart > talk to Emily (if you didn’t before) > Talk to Diana (Library) > Go to the Cave with Clare and solve the puzzle (see the solution in the previous cave) > finally take the Dolomite with the pickaxe
  • Downstairs > go left and click on the blocks (there are 6) > insert Tikpak Artifact into the glowing shape > clear the stones below the stairs to find a new page, then take the Pirate Diary
  • Upstairs (leave): The chest is hidden under a tree, take also the crafting page, the white sand, the bait, and light the bowl (top) with the lighter
  • Full Mast Bar > Backyard > ligth the grill (lighter) to get Fly Ash
  • Cave: Craft Concrete (Stone Talisman + Fly Ash + White Sand + Dolomite
  • Estero Key > Sam > Give him the concrete
  • Home >Talk to Emily > give her red ginseng, phillweed and also Maca plant
  • After Naomi calls you eat a maca plant > Doctor office > pay 140 to the receptionist
  • Church > Madalyn’s room > give her the Pirate Diary > Take the Cursed shovel from the next room
  • End of the current update, but you still can craft:
    • Swift shovel (farm talismans faster): Carbon shovel shaft + Alloy shovel head + Ultra shovel handle + Silver Talisman
    • Pirate shovel (even faster): Cursed shovel + Pirate Medallion + jade Talisman + Gold Talisman


  • Janet’s home > Kaley’s room (up) > Squallmart, take the small screwdriver (left) > back to Janet’s home > Kaley’s room (up) > use the screwdriver on her door
  • Talk to Diane (Library) > Cave > River (northern part of the cave) > Go where the tiger was,  turn left, lift the camera, philweed plant, and also light the bowl
  • Squallmarn > place three plants  (maca, red ginseng & philweed) in the container and talk to Emily
  • Behind the library (left side) > break the column and place the stone on the upper right corner, then take the gothic key
  • Park (where the tiger was) > go left > treat the peacock with peanuts and lead him to the library > finally get the key to the chest and also the page


  • Library > follow Diana > raise the broken key
  • Church > Madalyn’s room > right room > open the door (gothic key) > go right and take the page of crating and the broken key
  • Puzzle: make sure that the rat gets into the gap where the snake is sitting, but it should not meet with it. Poke the arrow if you need to remove the snake. Solution: The red arrow should be turned to the left when you tap on the rat, then take the broken key (left)
  • Janet’s home > Squallmart (find there the last broken key)
  • Full Mast Bar > Janet’s home (through the back yard) > Phone password (3rd room upstairs > password = 123)
  • Parlor > photo > squallmart > buy the outfit for Diana


  • Talk to Tasha (Full mast bar) > Sofia’s Mansion: when the guard and the camera are not looking, get through the fence > Take the feather (left side), break the vases and move the basket (right side), take the key (purple flowers) and also break the top vase to get the talisman (other vases contain ingredients, so break them too)
  • Open the door with the key > after the scene go to squallmart and buy alumina > then craft the ant killer: Fossilized algae + alumina + quartz + rusty key
  • Go deep into the island through the cave, take the scorpion venom and also use the ant killer on ants
  • Solve the Puzzle (it wil be easier if you leave and come back a few times) and take the chest key, bamboo and philweed
  • Squallmart > Emily’s lab (room at the end of the store) > place the philweed in the container
  • Talk to Emily (beach) > buy love potion (squallmart) > drink the love potion, go to doctor’s office and pay for Jessica’s appointment


  • Go to Squallmart > Parlor > Full Mast Bar > Doctor’s Office > Squallmart and also buy a Dart
  • Cave – Craft a Blow Dart: You will need the Dart + Bamboo + Feather + Scorpion Venom
  • Go with Emily (Squallmart), then to the cave (northwest), and after the scene take the pirate diary and also the false talisman
  • Cave passage: 1st block the passage from the snake with stones, 2nd stand on 2 circles to open a passage to another location, 3rd Go to the new location, take the grand talisman, the old wood and also open the chest
  • Give the Old wood to Clare, then  Go to the Parlor and give the grand talisman to Pricia
  • Go to the church and give the pirate diary to Madalyn > Take the chamber key > go to the right room using the chamber key > take the bathroom key and go to where Madalyn was
  • Cemetery: Find the chest key under the palm tree (right side of the cemetery


  • Squallmart > Cave > Follow Joey (south of the cave) > notice the number and light the bowl, a key will appear there
  • Janet’s home > her room > confirm the password of her phone (123)
  • Estero key > Naomi’s House > Attic > take the gaffer tape
  • Janet’s home > cave > catch a cockroack (it will escape) > tap on the rock
  • Craft the rat trap: Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic Container. buy the plastic wrap in the store and take the basic container from the church if you don’t have it. Craft the rat trap when you have all the ingredients
  • Lighthouse > Park > Teleport > tiger (right side of the island) > right of the tiger there is a vase with a basic container
  • Go right and take the pirate medallion, the chest, the bowl, the philweed plant and also the Tikpak Treasure
  • Move the 2 stones (will appear when you take the pirate medallion) under the palm trees (stand under them to understand it)
  • Light the bowl and take the chest key from where the number (cave) was
  • Leave the park (teleport) and show Diana the Tikpak Treasure, leave the house and receive a message from Tasha
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  • Find the crafting scroll at the park: Rock Bomb = Nitroglycerin + Basic container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Squallmart > Cave > Craft the Rock Bomb > Go to Full Mast Bar > Catch a fish for Jessica at the beach (if you fail buy bait at the bait shop)
  • Next Location > break the base, get a basic container and go back to craft another Rock bomb
  • Church > break this wall with the rock bomb
  • Go to this location, break the vase, take the Broken Key, Spike Boots.
  • Go to the Park through the teleport, there is a hidden vase, in it the Grand Talisman.

Treasure of Nadia

  • Take the broken key (western side of the island) and craft the Pirate key = Pirate Medallion + Gran Talisman + Broken Key + Broken Key
  • Remember where you blew up the stone, now you can open the chest with the pirate key
  • Visit Diana > Sofia’s Mansion > Cave Puzzle:
  • 1st find the page here: (If you didn’t pick up the key earlier, it’s here)
  • Now go to a new location, you need to move this stone.
  • Pay attention to the snakes at the top,they should be in the same position as in the screenshot.
  • Then go up the stairs, open the chest, and take the Philweed Plant under the palm tree.
  • This is the end of the update.


  • Library > Teleport to Estero Park > go to where there is a bonfire on the right and a path up and take the path up
  • Library > Behind the library > take the chest key (upper left corner) > Janet’s home > her room (2nd floor) and take a shower
  • Estero Key > where the Clare event was held there is a page > get Jasmine, Philweed plant and also open the chest to get the page
  • Girls’s profiles (+1 Alia’s profile) > Wester part of Estero Park (Orange Light)


  • Janet’s home > Kaley’s room > Squallmart (buy Soy Sauce) > Give it to Janet (Janet’s home)
  • Library > Estero Key > Janet’s home through backyard) > Cemetery
  • Estero Park (Teleport) > get the gun using the Whip Janet gave you > Inventory select Old Musket, then Small Screwdriver to get Gunpowder > Go through the bees (north) > Tap on the orange shining light and use the Whip > Go to the river (south) turn left > use the whip on the top rocks to get the chest key
  • Teleport to the beginning of the part > go left until the end of the path > then to the river (up) > click on the orange light (under the palm tree)
  • Lighthouse > Tap on the gun (cannon) > use gunpowder on it
  • Go left (new location) > take the crypt key, read the diary and also open the chest with the key > dont forget to pick up the crafting page (to craft Jasmine Massage Oil)
  • Cemetery > use the Crypt key (chapel door) > take the broken key, Rosa moss, and also break the vase to get a gold talisman
  • Craft Jasmine Massage Oil: Jasmine + Rosa Moss + Basic Container + Love Potion > Then give it to Prici (Parlor)


  • Estero Park > Go to the entrance of the park > there will be an scene > take the machete and go Up > take the old bullet and go Up > Use the machete to cut the bushes and keep going
  • Go to the new location in the cave (you went there with the crew in previous versions) > raise 2 Rosa Moss and a Cockroach
  • Inventory > Phone > Talk to Diana
  • Teleport to the park and go where the old bullet was > a couple of meetings with Diana and Clare > Go up > take the Gaffer Tape and the Grand Talisman > Light the bowl > Now the key to the locked chest is inside the cave, downstairs
  • Go down the river > then left > Use the machete to cut down the bush in the lower left corner and take the Tikpak artifact
  • Cave (where the stone with the tickpak artifact is) > use the Tikpak artifact to have there
  • Go home > then to Sofia’s Mansion (through the fence) and give her the Tikpak Artifact
  • Go to Squallmart > Buy Plastic wrap and also a Basic Container
  • Cave > craft the Rat trap ( Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic container)
  • GO to the park (where you distracted the Jaguar with the rat) > Use the machete to take the girl’s profile
  • Squallmart > give Emily the rat trap > Doctor’s office > Squallmart > buy Multivitamins (use them in a room with girls)
  • Buy an ouftif for clare, invite her home and use the new page
  • There is another Girl’s profile here:


  • Library (behind > left side), in fron of where you spawn use the pickaxe to break it > Open  the library with the library key
  • Squallmart > Talk to Michael (parking) > buy Cleaning oil & Silver ore > Craft the Loaded Musket: Cleaning Oil + Old Bullet + Old Musket + Silver Ore
  • Park (Where the tiger was) > go up an meet Ash to get a photo > Take the Gunpowder, Pirate Medallion, Broken key and also Motion Detection Camera
  • Parking > give the camera to Michael > Squallmart > Meet Alia > Full Mast Bar > Janet’s home (her room) > Lighthouse > go down (basement) > use the Gunpowder on the Gun > Go up, to the opened location > take the Gothic Chest Key, the Broken key and also open the chest (Diary + Hint)
  • Church > Madalyn’s room > Upper room right > open the chest with the gothic key
  • To open the locked chest craft the chest key = x4 Broken keys
  • (*) missing broken key: After teleport go down and to west until finish map (same where you arrive with boat), it is down near of water (Thanks to Player1!)


  • Library > Teleport to Jungle > Go north until you find a cave > go left until the 3rd palm tree (starting from the right) and then go up
  • Park > Turn left until the end > go north
  • Bar (meet Clare) > Full mast bar > To the left of the building (by the palm trees) there is an orange light, take it (Pricia’s profile)
  • Back to the cave > Puzzle: Click on 3 circles at the same time to move Clare down and Diana to the left corner, then stant on the circle > there is a broken key on the left, by a rock
  • Take also the key to the chest (on the circle to the right of the chest) > and another key in another cave (use teleport), to the left of the stairs
  • Squallmart > Bait shop > buy the top right box (costs $5,000), also buy silver othe (if you don’t have
  • Craft: Broken Dehumidifier + Small Screwdriver + Silver Ore + Gold Talisman
  • Give Emili the Dehumidifier (Squallmart) > Exit the store, go to another place and come back to the store > go to the store’s parking lot


  • Doctor’s office > Take the Nitroglycerin from Jessica
  • Parlor > Take the lotion from Pricia
  • Store > Buy x4 Basic container
  • Craft Rock Bombs: Nitroglycerin+ Basic container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Teleport to the new cave (last update) and blow upthe middle rock with the rock bomb > get inside and take the aloe plant, also use pickaxe to get a buried chest key
  • Get out > go left > new cave (last update – Clare & Ash) > Teleport
  • Lighthouse > Basement > Take Kaley’s profile along the way > Blow up a stone block blocking a hallway > Open the chest (buried chest key) and also read the crafting page
  • Craft Aloe Potion:  Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container
  • Doctor’s office > Give Aloe Potion to Jessica
  • Janet’s home > Upstairs > Sofia Mansion > Library (talk to Diana) > Parlor (Jessica) > Squallmart

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