What to Do If You Can’t Login to LastPass

The last thing you want to do when you use a password manager is not be able to sign in to your account. There you have a tool that should help you manage all your passwords, but you can’t access it. In this guide, we’ll explore how to troubleshoot login issues with LastPass and regain access to the password manager.

How to Fix LastPass Login Issues

 Unfortunately, login issues are quite common with LastPass. Check if other users have reported similar connection issues. Maybe LastPass is in the middle of a major outage and is already working on a solution.

Make Sure You’re Typing the Correct Characters

Check if the Shift key is on or off. Then check the layout of your keyboard, especially if you have special characters in your username or password. Hover over the keyboard language icon on the taskbar to check the current settings.

log into last pass

If you need to change the keyboard layout, click the keyboard language icon and select a different input language option.

log into last pass

Start a Notepad document and enter your password or master password. Check your password to make sure there are no errors. Then copy it into the app and see if you can connect.

Log In to LastPass Online

If you can’t sign in to your account with the standalone app, try connecting to the web. Go to and check if you can login. Check for updates and update your browser if a newer version is available.

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Also, uninstall the LastPass extension, close your browser, restart, and reinstall the extension.

log into last pass

Additionally, navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow, select the LastPass folder and delete all files from that folder. Check the results.

Disable Login from Selected Countries and Turn off Your VPN

Check if you have enabled the advanced option that says “Only allow connection from selected countries”. If you have recently moved to another country, this option may not allow you to sign in to your account. When this happens, LastPass may also display the following error message: “LastPass does not recognize this device or you are in a new location.”

To resolve this issue (or avoid it in the future), disable the option to connect from selected countries and disable your VPN if you use one.

  1. Click on your profile picture and select Account Settings.
  2. Then scroll down to Show advanced settings.
  3. Scroll down to Security and uncheck the box. Allow connection only from selected countries.
log into last pass

4. Save the changes and check if this action reduces the frequency of connection problems.

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Check Your Date and Time Settings

LastPass servers may refuse to validate your login request if your system date and time settings are incorrect.

1. Go to Settings, select Time & Language and select Date & Time in the left pane.

2. Enable the options that allow your computer to set the time and time zone automatically.

log into last pass

Recover Your Account

If you forgot your LastPass password, you can try to recover your account. Please note that LastPass does not store your master password. This means that the company cannot return it to you if you forget it. The only solution left for you is to go to the account recovery page to activate One Time

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For this method to work, you must access the Account Recovery page from the computer and browser you previously used to log into LastPass. Otherwise, you will not be able to reset the password.

Please note that you will not be able to use this solution if you have recently cleared your browser cache or changed your master password. As a last resort, you can try resetting your LastPass master password change.

log into last pass

If You Can’t Log in to the Mobile App

If the connection issue only affects the LastPass mobile app, check for updates and install the latest version of the app. Also check the date and time settings on your phone and make sure they are correct. 2FA will be disabled if you use incorrect date and time settings. If the problem persists, reinstall the app.

By the way, please note that you cannot recover your account using the LastPass mobile app.



Surprisingly, login issues are among the most common issues LastPass users experience. To fix the problem, make sure you type the correct characters, disable your VPN or IP masking software, disable your browser extensions, and reset your password. How often do you have problems connecting to LastPass? Which troubleshooting methods have had the highest success rate for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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