Walmart PS5 Restock is Now Sold Out | Stores to Visit Next and Issues During Console Drop

Walmart is now selling out of the PlayStation 5, and many fans are wondering where they can go to get their hands on one. In this article, we’ll tell you where Walmart stores are still selling the console and what issues may be encountered when trying to purchase one.

Walmart PS5 Restock Issues

Walmart is now sold out of the PlayStation 5! Stores across the US are reporting that they have run out of the console and are urging customers to visit other retailers, like Target, for availability.

So far, Walmart has not responded to any customer complaints or questions about availability or stock. Customers who were hoping to purchase a PlayStation 5 at Walmart may be out of luck.

The PlayStation 5 was originally scheduled to release on October 26th, but Walmart decided to quickly restock the console just days before the release date.

Some customers are already reporting problems with their new consoles, like blue screen errors and difficulties connecting to the PlayStation Network. Walmart is yet to release a statement about these issues.

It is unclear why Walmart decided to quickly restock the console, but it seems that some customers are not happy about it. Hopefully, Walmart will address these issues and make things right for those who were unable to purchase a PlayStation 5 from them.

PS5 Stores to Visit After Walmart’s Console Drop

Walmart PS5 Restock is Now Sold Out | Stores to Visit Next and Issues During Console Drop

Walmart’s Restock of the Playstation 5 is now Sold Out. Stores to visit next include GameStop, Target, and Best Buy. Issues that may occur during the release of the Playstation 5 console include; problems with signing in to your PSN account, not being able to download games or applications, and difficulties connecting to the internet.

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The disastrous drop may have disappointed some customers, but there’s still hope in getting the elusive gaming console.

You can visit these stores to check if there are available PS5 stocks. To add, we also included the last date when they released the consoles.

  • Sam’s Club (Oct.22)
  • Dell (Aug.25)
  • Sony (Oct.21)
  • Kohl’s (Apr.21)
  • Antonline (Oct.28)
  • Costco (Nov.2)
  • Newegg (Apr.29)
  • Best Buy (Oct.29)
  • Amazon (Oct.26)
  • GameStop (Oct.26)
  • Target (Oct.27)

If you are planning on buying a Playstation 5 console, be sure to visit one of the abovementioned stores as soon as they have them in stock. You may also want to bookmark this page so that you can keep up with the latest news and updates regarding the Playstation 5 console.

PS5 Restock Tracker Tricks

Walmart PS5 Restock is Now Sold Out | Stores to Visit Next and Issues During Console Drop

It seems that Walmart’s attempt at a PS5 restock was not successful. Stores have been sold out of the console for days now and many people are asking where they can purchase one.

Walmart has announced that they will be restocking the console in March, but this is only good news for those who didn’t purchase one during the initial drop. If you did purchase a console during the drop, you may have to wait until the next one comes out in order to pick one up.

If you are looking to purchase a PS5, you should check out GameStop, Target, and Best Buy. These stores are currently the only places where you can purchase a PS5.

People are also reporting issues with their consoles when trying to use them. Some people are saying that their consoles won’t turn on or that they are experiencing other problems. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved soon.

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